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Cyber Sabbath's goal is to begin to mend the division between Christ and the world (society) that Church has created through reflections, sermons and devotionals

Cyber Sabbath is a place for the stifled Christian voice to be heard. Media gives way to much time to the extremist - over looking the theologically educated and/or the moderates in favor of what sells their view point. Here, politics aside, a pastor reflects on God's voice in every day life.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

My little Super Hero!

I posted something similar to this (this is updated) last February.  One year later and although a little older, my super hero is still only wearing super clothes and even if he was "out" of this phase, this reflection still remains true.  We all should connect to the little hero in us all!

I wake up every morning the patter of small fit coming into my room and the loud voice of a two year old exclaiming "wake up!"  It is the bright and shining face of our son, soon to be the middle child.  He is so cheerful in the morning, I still need coffee in order to measure up to his cheer factor (and perhaps another hour of sleep?!).  Lately though he comes in ready to start his day, not as my son who I gave a wonderful name to but instead as ....wait for it...Batman! (cue theme song) or perhaps today it will be Superman or Spiderman or Flash or Captain America.  Which way we are in that wonderful stage of pretend and play.  When my daughter was this age she wore the SAME outfit with DORA on it for 14 weeks, of course it went into the wash each night and in the morning she would wait at the dryer until she could put it on. 

Back to Batman...or whichever hero he chooses for the day (he even has been known to be Wonder Woman).  When he is batman, he wanders the house in this costume which reveals only his mouth and a couple of slits for eyes.  He has to walk carefully as he can barely see and yet that doesn't stop him.  He laughs and thinks that he is indeed batman.  When you call him for food, he exclaims "NO BATMAN" if you failed by calling him by his birth name. He doesn't know much about these Super Heroes that he loves except that they must be cool.  He knows that spider man has webs and superman flies; he knows that batman has a tool belt and that hulk is super strong.  He doesn't know that people can't fly and we are awaiting the day he flies down the stairwell.

As he is living the life of a full fledge super hero, our daughter who is older and of course much more knowledgeable then her brother in this matter is helping him learn.  The other day he was frustrated - mostly because the limitations that come with wearing his Batman costume - it is not meant to be wore 24/7 and is not as comfortable as his PJ's.  In his frustration he was giving up, so his older sister (who is 4) comes up to him and explains that "Super Heroes never give up."  And reminds him that Batman should be teaching him this.

Super Heroes never give up.  This is so true.  When they are fighting it out with the bad guys, who never die and always return they don't give up.  How long can the Joker and Batman truly wage war against each other before it gets old?  I am surprised that the story lines of Superman and Lex Luther just don't get so "been there, done that" that the comic book fans just stop reading. And yet, they don't and their heroes don't give up either. 

 But life is also full of good and it is dealing with the bad that keeps us moving forward - life is about coping.   Some days if we were told what we might have to go through we might never get out of bed. Being a Christian is about knowing you are not dealing with all the bad alone - that you have God and a community of Church to lean on. 

Being a Christian is knowing that God never gives up on us.  And that we shouldn't give up either.  Life might feel like one big battle between you and your own joker - or lex luther - if you are dealing with addiction, depression, abuse, ect... life might be one big battle between you and your joker but if we can take anything away it is that we should never give up.  Life is about living it to the fullest.  Fighting our battles and celebrating in life's triumphs.  Life is about the days when things are going smoothly and the world around us is balanced and peaceful.  But life is also about the days when we struggle to keep the positive or when bad things just seem to be pilling up in front of us. 

We can either choose to be the Super Hero of our own story.  Perhaps leaving the costume at home and just living the anonymous life but never giving up.  Letting God in our life and bringing Christ's love to the world.  Or we can choose to block out the light, to let the bad stuff pile up so high that the sun cannot shine through and dwell in the darkness.

I think we can all say (cue theme song) .... we would rather live into God's grace and love.  Never giving up but instead embracing the trails knowing that we aren't alone but instead God is with us.  Giving us each the strength and courage to defeat the evil around us.  Making us all super human through the love and forgiveness given through grace.