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Cyber Sabbath's goal is to begin to mend the division between Christ and the world (society) that Church has created through reflections, sermons and devotionals

Cyber Sabbath is a place for the stifled Christian voice to be heard. Media gives way to much time to the extremist - over looking the theologically educated and/or the moderates in favor of what sells their view point. Here, politics aside, a pastor reflects on God's voice in every day life.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Muses On Marriage...

With all that has happened this month between the supreme court throwing out DOMA, the Boy Scouts of America "opening" to gay boys and the continued challenges that the LGBT community faces I just felt that I needed to blog on this hot topic. 

At some point in my life, most likely while I lived in the south, I heard a very anti homosexual rant on how clearly Genesis and God did not ordain such things.  And as I have wrestled within myself, here are some of the thoughts I have concluded:

First, in Genesis 1, God creates humankind, in God's image both male and female.  And then in Genesis 2 we hear about Adam and Eve.  At first glance we say why are there two creation stories?  The early Hebrews and Rabbis began creating the tradition of Lilith to answer this question.  Later the scholars of the day suggested that since different authors were merged together to create Genesis we have two version of the story - the Priestly and the common peoples.  The later might be a more scholarly answer and one I am able to accept...but what if they don't actually contradict each other?

What if there were several humans around when the Adam and Eve story took place - who else could their sons have married?  Adam and Eve were not the first humans, Adam wasn't roaming the earth alone in the sense of the only human but he was alone.  God realized that humans need relationship.  And we crave relationship with others...perhaps Adam and Eve were God's first soul mates if you will.  God created Eve for Adam. 
Now that is the romantic in me!  And if I haven't lost ya yet keep reading...

If you were homophobic you would right now proclaim how once again this must show that the Bible only wants men and women together.  But God did not give Adam and Eve the commandment to procreate or to multiple....instead this is the reason why people leave home and start a life for themselves. 

If God created Adam and Eve to be together then why couldn't God create John and Paul for each other or Sally and Sue?  If God created my husband for me and me for my husband then why would I be so vain as to think that he didn't do that for others? 

The romantic in me goes even further...maybe God didn't command Adam and Eve to go and multiple like he did the rest of the humans she created back in chapter 1 because for each of us there is a purpose and perhaps not for everyone does that relationship conclude in children.

Now yes, maybe we should more accurate read the Bible with our scholarly hats on saying that this above is a bit of a "fluff" reading.  And yet, when it comes to anti- LBTG readings of the Bible they seem to be perfect for roasting on a camp fire.  So maybe this isn't really that silly at all...

God has made each of us special and unique.  God calls us children and sends an every present, never ending love ... if only we can live into that and up to that loving all of God's creation and trusting that the divine plan is bigger then we can even imagine. 

So my hope to all that are reading this, is that you find the person that God created for you - For God knew you in your mothers womb and loved you then knowing you would become gay, straight, conservative or liberal.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Finding Room for Compassion

Stepping over the threshold of the tattered screen door and into the entry way of the soup kitchen my nose recoiled; this didn't smell like a nice clean food panty that I had helped out with before.  Instead it was a rodent, roach and who knows what else infested hole in the wall.  A place I couldn't imagine the health department keeping open let alone eating from. 
As I began to give my help, I couldn't help but worry about my own health as I touched and moved the expired food.  I soon met and learned that most of the people volunteering where people who received food from their hot meal program and often bags of food from the food pantry.  As the day continued and I got to meet those that ran the program, fill the bags of food for those coming and stand in the 95+ heat of the day in the kitchen sweating like a pig, I realized that although this was sub-par by my standards it was for these people an amazing gift.

Finding compassion for this people and this food pantry might seem like an easy task for anyone who read above...but for me I felt pity.  I felt sad.  I felt terribly lost because I couldn't imagine eating or needing to eat this.  I find compassion for those who go to a food pantry in the white - middle class churches that give out food like mac and cheese and cereal.  I can put myself in their place and I can sympathize, understand to their level, where they are coming from and have always longed to change their situation.  But when it comes to the poorer then poor - that is where I find myself allowing pity and sadness to over shadow the love and compassion that Jesus and my faith is asking of me.

I think that it is this pity and sadness that continues to allow the truly poor to exist.  Because even those of us who struggle to pay our bills can't imagine eating day old food that may have had the maggots on top scraped off -- because no one should. 

And if you don't think that there is true poor in your own country, neighborhood or town then you need to open yourself up and find compassion for those living around you who are struggling. 

The country is not in a good place.  When I was in high school I was making $9.10 an hour at a retail store and paying less then $1.00 for gas.  Only 13 years later, the minimum wage is only $7.25 and gas is over $3.00 a gallon.  That math just doesn't add up.  Even with a decent job, people are struggling. 

The government, big business, everyone in fact needs to stop pitying each other, pitying the poor and giving over a few pieces of stake every once and awhile but instead needs to find room for compassion and love.  Only then, would we see changes like fair wages and CEO who took realistic incomes.  Only then would we see the Kingdom on Earth.