Mission Statement

Cyber Sabbath's goal is to begin to mend the division between Christ and the world (society) that Church has created through reflections, sermons and devotionals

Cyber Sabbath is a place for the stifled Christian voice to be heard. Media gives way to much time to the extremist - over looking the theologically educated and/or the moderates in favor of what sells their view point. Here, politics aside, a pastor reflects on God's voice in every day life.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bike rides, fleas and more!

So this weekend RW and I finally were able to go on a bike ride together. This was my first one in TWO years (mostly because of the birth of L) So, we decided to start off with a 40+ mile ride and dropped L off at her grandparents. First I want to say how proud I am of myself and my ability to not only ride the WHOLE 43 miles but I am proud that my butt didn't hurt at ALL! YEAH for great seats.  I am so happy that we got to do this, I love biking and it was bugging me that all summer I hadn't gone. I am happy to have been able to make it!

Meanwhile L did amazing with Nonnie and Opa! For the first time she was melt down free which was so nice for me to hear :)

Meanwhile back home, Leo and Roxie were, well, finding mischief. Which included...fleas!  Fleas have been all over the town this summer and even people without animals have been having some difficulties, so it was bound that at some point we would find a flea or two within our house but WOW - 10 on Roxie and several on Leo.  We even treat them monthly!! So the cat and dog got a flea bath and will hopefully remain flea free - I on the other hand have been having nightmares about the fleas.  I had a dream that the flea infestation was so bad that fleas eat my feet off while I slept - I assure you that when I woke there were NO flea bites on my feet, or anywhere else.  So, here I am freaking out - believing we need to bomb the entire house - because I just can't live with the thought of fleas.  I am so ashamed about this.  I know there isn't much rational behind the shame but still!  I haven't seen any today, so maybe I will sleep tight tonight.

L is amazing, she is walking and starting to talk and most importantly enjoying herself.  She is such a silly girl and I love to see her walk around crazy and laugh.  It is truly amazing to see the amount of joy kids can get out of the tiniest of things.  She is truly teaching me more then I thought she would about the world!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last few days! - OH the Crazyiness!

So Sunday was as per usual a crazy busy day.  We had church people here for dessert and although I got my down stairs looking respectable the upstairs was a different story and of course someone had to go up stairs! Gotta-love life!  Oh and for the 4 days leading up to Sunday we were watching 3 untrained poodles who were quite the extra bit of work!

Monday started off normal...RW headed to work and I and L headed to the city to help someone clean out her parents house. Oh boy did that go bad.  Did I know this person was a hoarder? NO! But she needed more then just my help she need professional help.  For every item I put in the garbage she would need a reminder several times as to why she could not have nor try to sell it.  One of the "favorites" was a broken (the cord was cut in half and it didn't close right) George Forman which also happen to be scratched up.  I did my best to be firm, understanding and yet pastoral. It took all I had to not scream that the George was in fact never coming out of that garbage can again!  Thank God that I had God with me that day.  Meanwhile, my Aunt was in the hospital waiting for the OK to leave.  Her sister was suppose to pick her up but was overwhelmed with all the stuff she was trying to throw away. So I eventually told her I would pick her up.  RW, L and I stopped at the wegmans for some food and then picked up my Aunt.  Finally getting my Aunt home around 9 and we still had a 1 hour drive home. We got home late and beat!

Tuesday morning we awoke to our ding-dong ditch just before 8...stayed in bed until we couldn't any longer (about 9) and came down stairs.  Leo was as per normal acting crazy (I think I forgot to mention that we almost lost him on Sunday night with all our guests).  RW left with his father for the house in the city to finish fixing it up around 10 and by 10:30 his sister was here ready to help me cook and prepare a dinner for their parents and their 40th wedding anniversary. We had a lovely dinner, dessert and they went for a walk while I taught Bible Study and then we woke up early this AM...too many full days!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More on Leo

So the kitty Leo has a new Kitty Jungle-Jim. This one is a real one not the laundry drying rack he likes to use. Russ put this together with carpet and wood. It is great! Mr. Leo has found out that if he leaps onto the top about 5 feet from the ground, he can HANG from his back paws and dangle over the lower bed scratching away at the carpet - it is just SOOOO FUNNY....that kitty!

Marathon goals

So we all have them right (I'm talking about goals).  I am one of those people who sets goals over and over and yet continually fails to met them. Of course not all of them, but some.  Part of this is because I set my sights often way to high and at some point I realize there is no way I'm gonna reach them. Take running for example: I have set my sights on several marathons.  Yet, each time I don't even come close to being ready to do one.  Not because I don't run but because I don't run that far!  Who am I kidding when I say I want to do a WHOLE marathon? Did you know that true marathon runners often wear depends so they don't have to stop and pee?! That isn't me!  Really, when I set my goal at the marathon level, what I am really saying is that I want to be dedicated enough to running that I don't miss my runs during the week and so should I need to run (in an extreme emergency) a marathon I could do so without dying.

I love to set such goals...goals in which at the moment seem really impressive and maybe even amazing and yet never are accomplished - or should I refrain that and say come up short from being accomplished? For you see, I also met the goal to some extent.  I still go out running 3-4 times a week, just never more then a 2-4 miles.  Never quite to marathon level but I still do it.

Right now my marathon goal is solving the big church problem - how do we reach and spread Christ' message in a secular world.  This might seem like an attempt at the crazy...it might seem like too big for one person and I don't think I am gonna solve it overnight or that I might solve it at all but I do believe that I will take little steps towards this goal :) And I can't wait to see what God is gonna reveal to me next :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

trying to solve religious problems

My Spirit burns with passion over the problems with religion - established, institutionalized. 

I am moved so deeply by the number of people I know personally who although believe in God and I would say are Spiritual (in tuned with God and the everyday interactions within their life) don't go to church or belong to a church family.  For many reasons people have moved beyond the church.  I claim, a lot, that it has to do with the fact that mainline church has lost its voice to the major conservatives.  But I think it is more then that, I believe that it is not just that our voice has become lost to the public but that we don't have voices.  Many mainline churches don't have voices because in believing that beliefs are personal matters - they don't take sides.  In being warm and welcoming excepting all - beliefs don't get discussed.  We have become clubs not places for spiritual renewal.  When fresh people come through our doors, we are signing them up to be one of us - part of this family of people without a sense of who we are - and yet we expect them to feel as if they belong.  How can a new person feel as if they belong to a place when they don't have history? When they don't know or understand what you believe? How can we prove to them that we are a different church, that we aren't stereotypical or we aren't hypocrites if we can't tell what we do believe?

When a seeker enters a church, they are looking for something. When they find nothing - no voice, no authenticity, no Spirit moving - they aren't going to stay.  This isn't to say that there is nothing for I assure you that at the core of every congregation there is something.  And even at the most club-like church there is a true Spirit of God moving. For those who are there believe.  The problem isn't that the Spirit has left or isn't there but that we have never learned how to give that Spirit voice.  In trying to be politically correct, in trying to be a place where all are welcome we have failed at one thing and that is defining our image of God beyond the European Male that wasn't Christ.  

As a new mother, raising a strong independent minded child, I am grateful to the church and all the advice I get from the ladies (and gentleman of course!).  I am also mindful of the support that I have and truly believe each of them when they offer to watch Livia if I ever needed them.  Although I haven't, and probably won't, take many of them up on their offer, knowing that they care that much to do that is enough.  I know that Sunday's is often the only day that parents have free, but I wish we could do something that would encourage them to come to church.  To be a part of the worship experience.  I wish that all those with children could feel the same level of support and true love that I feel knowing that my child truly has a family who loves her.  I know that these same church ladies have offered to other young parents advice and babysitting opportunities.  I just hope that they realize the true essence of which these ladies offer and the love that they are willing to spread and give to the children of the church.

The question isn't just how we make a more meaningful worship experience - that isn't how we get people to come to our church.  It is who do we create our voice and let our voice be heard.  How do we go out into the community, teaching about Christ and encouraging people to worship with us.

In the aftermath of Irene, the reality of social media and how much it has become a community is just remarkable.  Phyllis Tickle once said that there are 4 pleasures and during the 50's church was the 4th -- it was the "other" that people sought for everything.  Today the "other" is social media.  How does church compete?

enough ramblings for now...