Mission Statement

Cyber Sabbath's goal is to begin to mend the division between Christ and the world (society) that Church has created through reflections, sermons and devotionals

Cyber Sabbath is a place for the stifled Christian voice to be heard. Media gives way to much time to the extremist - over looking the theologically educated and/or the moderates in favor of what sells their view point. Here, politics aside, a pastor reflects on God's voice in every day life.

Monday, August 29, 2011


We just had two fun filled weeks of vacation! And man, is it hard to be back! So I have found myself, day-dreaming of vacation all year long and yet I know that if I had one more day of vacation, I probably won't have liked it - I did re-arrange the house 3 times in two weeks!  I moved couches, tables, chairs and beds around :) It was fun!

I am amazed at my daughter and how L truly has no fear of anything! 
We went to the beach and she loved the ocean and the waves, we went into a pool and out of no where she got it into her head to jump in! She isn't even 1 and she wanted to JUMP in! Craziness.  I truly don't understand how children can have no fear.  There is a sermon in that somewhere I am sure.  This also gives her great confidence to climb stairs, to climb onto the couch and most of all to try to stand on her pint size chairs.  I am going to be thankful when she makes it to school without any broken bones.

But that was the best thing about vacation - having all that time to do whatever with the family.  L really enjoyed having mommy and daddy with her - which was somewhat problematic when we needed a babysitter one of those days and she screamed for 3 hours!

We will work on that :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cyber Community for Christ

Should this be my next church venture? Ministering to a group of on-line church goers?  Is this even right?

With the amount of time we all spend on-line these days, would it be right or fitting for there to be a church community - perhaps even a church - who could meet through live chats, bring up difficult questions in the forum - discuss and challenge each other and God. But more importantly feel spiritually fulfilled in a world where cyber space has replaced couch space?

Isn't that life?!

So yesterday morning, a beloved member of our church died.  Of course this was also the start of our vacation and we weren't even home.  The funny thing about this is that this is one of the lessons I learned from her.  She was a very strong lady with a quick mind, even up till the end.  She had her head on straight so to speak.  She was truly a joy to visit with and always made me laugh.  One of my many lessons that I took away from her was that life wasn't always easy and plans rarely came out as planned but life was what happened when you were going with the flow, riding the ride of life and not complaining.  So rest in peace Louella :)

Monday, August 8, 2011


So my child LOVES blueberries.  She wouldn't stop eating them, if it wasn't for us stopping her. So in search for a good place to pick some...I have discovered a few things:
1. The place on 370 Abbots Farm is $2.75 a pound! Yes, cheaper then in the store but last year I paid $1.50 so way more then that!
2. Blueberry farms are open one day and closed the next - waiting for more blueberries to come in :-P
3. There are NO FARMS on 31 between Savannah and Sodus
4. There is a place that has u-pick for $3.00 a quart!!!! Crazy!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Having faith

So last Sunday, I preached on the concept that in our darkest moments, in our greatest struggles God is with us. That it is through these struggles that we emerge stronger and with more faith.  We might emerge with a few scars - but that is life and they only serve as a reminder of what we are capable of -- or maybe more importantly what we are able to do WITH God. 
I have also always felt that doubting is OK - for without a doubter there isn't someone to question our faith / why we do things / and challenge us.  We need those things to be able to embark on a true journey with Christ.  So why then when Jesus was walking on the water did he tease and get angry with Peter from doubting??  Why did Jesus say to Peter - You of little faith?  Why didn't he go over to Peter stretch out his hands and help Peter get up and continue walking on water?  Peter wanted so badly to be like Jesus and yet time and again he falls short.  Is this a metaphor for the fact that we humans will time and time again fall short but Jesus will still be there?  Or was Peter really lacking in such faith that Jesus had to call him out on it?
Or is there a third possibility? For it was the FEAR - it was the waves and the storm that arose and gave way to fear that caused Peter to fall.  It wasn't that he didn't have enough faith but that he let the fear of what could happen get in his way of faithfully following Christ - of staying on the path that God lead before him.  And doesn't this happen in our own lives that we just can't always stay on that path - that we deny the path that God has for us in FEAR - fear of failing, fear of falling, fear of God himself?

So this week, think over that keeps you from having fear.  For God is not fear, or storms, or pain but God can be found in them.  God is the calm with the storm - God is the silence that we let still our presence long enough to take in our surroundings.  God is the breath we breathe.

And that is why the Palms put it so nicely - Be Sill and Know that I'm God. AMEN

Monday, August 1, 2011


So, I have sooo many ideas!  Ideas of things I can make - paint, sew or even glue.  Ideas for our church - and of course tons of other churches!  Ideas for furniture R can make me for our house.... I'm an IDEA kind of person....

With that said, I am working on getting these ideas into some sort of working categories or at least out of my head...

I would love to start a cloth diaper business, not because I have time, but because I believe that cloth is the best way to go.  But if you are starting out poor, cloth is not the most affordable (although it saves in the end!).  I live in a community in which people can't afford the diapers and could benefit from cloth, but there aren't affordable cloth (unless you use prefolds).  Gdaipers are GREAT but the start up can be pretty costly.  I figured out that I could make and sell diapers for $11.00 and still make a bit of a profit.  But I haven't started to make them yet.

I would love to continue to paint...but I just find it so time consuming when I take lessons during the day, however, I need the lessons since it has been so long :(

I would love to get a masters in Family Therapy - I feel like I could do so much more to help people then.

I truly want to be more environmental then I am...and sometimes I just don't understand why I don't take the extra time to save the plant!  This bothers me, but I have TONS of ideas on how I could change...starting with owing some chickens for my own chicken eggs....could be interesting!

I would love to help train dogs - but I don't have a degree and don't know where to start helping people...I am however, pretty good at such things.

I have sooo many ideas for churches - for our own church and community I am working on an outreach for parents, should be fun.

So those are some ideas I have for now....

Mommy Confession # ???

So this AM Livia eat a bug!  It was dead (luckily?) and not very big (luckily) but she eat it.  I am always amazed by what she gets into but a BUG?! Gross! 

As a new parent, I often find my self ashamed or at the very least guilty over things Livia has gotten into or done (or things I've done or forgotten to do) but so far this one tops the cake.  She was on the floor in our bedroom this AM exploring as usual - although usually the worst she gets into is a cup (that had water in it the night before) or she pulls things out of daddy's pockets (wallet, keys, ect...)  Today as she was exploring she must of come across a bug, she shouted her "DATT" which usually means she has something she thinks is cool and she holds it up to R, R said "NO!" but before he got to her, the bug was in her mouth. 

Oh, how nice!  Should I say extra protein? I'm not sure I'll ever forget this one.  Although I have been told that I eat cat food once as a baby and I survived...so a little bug should be a big deal....