Mission Statement

Cyber Sabbath's goal is to begin to mend the division between Christ and the world (society) that Church has created through reflections, sermons and devotionals

Cyber Sabbath is a place for the stifled Christian voice to be heard. Media gives way to much time to the extremist - over looking the theologically educated and/or the moderates in favor of what sells their view point. Here, politics aside, a pastor reflects on God's voice in every day life.

Friday, June 10, 2011

finding common ground

So this week is Pentecost and the Biblical passage of Pentecost is the account of when all of a sudden people of different backgrounds, languages and lands could all understand each other - no they were not speaking in a new language but indeed each speaking in their own language - the miracle was that each person's ears were opened so that they could understand languages that they couldn't speak...

With this in mind, I have been thinking about how we as Christians - no matter where we lie on the spectrum of theology can still find common ground, common language to work together and spread God's message.  I am very excited that some of the other pastors in town are going to be working with me and R and together working on bringing Christ's message to the world. I realize that we don't all stand on the same theologically understanding - in fact I am sure that some of us are REALLY far apart.  But I do think that the Spirit can still work within us to respect each other and to love each other enough to work together.

I have always felt as a pastor - or maybe even just as a Christian - was to be able to discern what God looks like for the person I am speaking with. And meet them where they are at - for Jesus always met his disciples wherever they were at.  To find a common ground and use language they are comfortable with.  For God is so vast.  And I think that is what we can take away from this today.  That although we might not be blessed with understanding each other when we speak a native language.  We can find understanding as Christians - as faithful followers.  Together with each other, we can find common ground to stand on, to build on and to work together. 

I do believe that we can, with the right attitudes, love and respect each other (our brothers and sisters) in Christ. And begin to spread the Gospel (the Good News) knowing that we can find common ground - common langauge through our faith and knowledge of Christ.